Monday, August 31, 2009

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The Summer Kitchen
 The book is about a bedford wife, Nora, who's husband, Evan, gets arrested for a white collar crime. Nora who has always been a stay at home mom raising her three children, is forced to take a job in a bakery to support them. None of her "friends" stand by her after she loses everything, except..

Ends Sept. 7th
gw. by Mommies with Cents

Plush Blanket from The Modern Baby Co
The Modern Baby Co and Southern Bella's Ways To Save have teamed up for you to WIN a Plush Baby Blanket of your choice!

Ends Sept. 7th / gw. by Southern Bella's Ways to Save

The Grain Mill Wheat Grinder
Grinding your own wheat will leave a lot of great nutrients in the newly-made flour, nutrients which don’t necessarily stay in pre-packaged foods. It also allows you to avoid unwanted preservatives and to create your own blends.

Ends Sept. 4th
gw. by Self Reliance

Good Luck you all!


kasandria said...

Thanks for adding my giveaway! I appreciate it!

the other Sampsons said...

it is a great one! Thank U :)