Monday, August 17, 2009

Walking group/s

Getting Started – Let’s Go for a Walk

This article was contributed by Callie Leaver, a Certified Personal Trainer.

It is as simple as that: you want to get in better shape and so you just start walking. Most of us are aware that there are many health benefits associated with walking, it is just a matter of making the time.

We hear over and over again how 30 minutes of exercise every day is good for us. Even knowing about the health benefits of walking we still have a difficult time fitting it in our busy schedules.

So how do you get started? What can you do to get on the right path to start experiencing the benefits that our doctors keep telling us about? The easiest way to get started in an exercise program is to start walking. The best part is that we all know how to walk.

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To make it easier for you, here is the list we have of people joining the walking group for now.
If you want to start walking, call one of the sisters below and get together on your own schedule and day/s:

Sharon Chalsey     Maria Brown     
Alina Yeritsyan      Cathie Price       
Carla Szele             Lisa Busch          
Keri Paur                Cibely Singly     
Janel Crane            Melissa Madsen
Ruth Sowby            Leslieh Guidetti
Christie Lesko        Jenny Lesko       
Karin Edwards                                    

-Our 3 groups for now-
please contact one of the members for location informations:

6:30 am / Lisa Busch, Carla Szele                
8:30 am / Melissa Madsen, ..                        
10:30 am / Alina Yeritsyan, Naomi Sampson

You are more then welcome to form new groups. Evenings and Saturdays are still open. All you need is 2 people or more.
Make sure to let me know if you do, so that we can give the information for other sisters to join.

Thank you and enjoy!

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