Friday, August 14, 2009

Join our NEW Activity Groups for You

Because the summer is about at the end, school is about to begin, and our schedules are going back to "normal" we have planned some great, fun, new group activities for you:

Last night at our RS garden party we started 2 new groups:

we'll meet for the first time 

Wednesday august 19th

At 7 pm

820 West Kenneth Road, Glendale, CA/ Kathy Lee's home

Please bring ideas, a book you really like, something very interesting you have just finished reading, or simply your joy of reading. Lois Frost will be our group leader. This is a new group, so we'll build it together and we'll decide what we'd like to read.

This is how it works: if you can get together with another person, 2 people are enough to form a group. We can have as many as we want. No limits, as there is a lot of different schedule preferences, locations, and people.
If you form new groups please make sure to let me know (Naomi Sampson - so that we can have all the informations.
To join, please go directly to the group member, to know more information about locations and so on.
This will start next week (monday august 17th), so please be patient. As soon as I have more information I'll make sure to post them for you. For now, just go out and.. start walking! :)

We have for now 3 groups:
- 6:30 am / Please contact Lisa Busch          
- 8:30 am / Please contact Melissa Madsen
- 10 am / Please contact Alina Yeritsyan      
we probably want to add some in the evenings and on Saturday

You all HAVE FUN!

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