Sunday, January 10, 2010

{RS Activity} Book CLub & Humanitarian Aid

Come to our

Relief Society Activity
Thursday January 14th 2010
at 7 pm Central Building

book club and humanitarian aid night and refreshments!

Two activities at your choice!

We'll have our RS book Club meeting up after the reading of our 4th book "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver. PLEASE remember your book that night so Lois can return the complete set to the library. Thanks! Book 5th will be next so you are welcome to join us for the next book.

At the same time we'll have a Humanitarian Aid Project going on for Children's Hospital. If you have a sewing machine, ironing board, or a pair of good scissors, please bring them on Thursday night!

Don't miss it!! Come join us, for some time of fun reading or quilting some colorful blankets.. or let's just say it, to just get out of your daily life and have a healthy chat with some friends :)

If you haven't heard, the enrichment interest groups have been consolidated and we have returned to the regular monthly Relief Society meetings.  The second Thursday of each month is our scheduled night for Relief Society activities.

{I'll be flying back home to LA that day, so see you soon :)}

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