Monday, October 19, 2009

{Book CLub} Ethan Frome

Dear readers we are at the end of our second book and we are meeting again:

This Wednesday evening October 21st
at 7 pm
820 Kenneth Road, Glendale CA / Kathy Lee's home

We'll discuss the reading of the book
Ethan Frome
By Edith Wharton {for info go here}

Come join us, with or without book, we have a list of many more to read. And big knews in case you didn't know, if you join our Book CLub you don't have to worry about buying any books. Lois had a great idea to get them for us from the library. So, if you come to our meeting you'll get one for you:)

Don't miss it, reading in great company is so much fun!

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