Monday, September 14, 2009

Inspiring Project Night!

What an inspiration night! I've honestly loved it so much.

Heidi came with so many information, showing us some of the many ways we can do family history. She's amazing! Did you know she wrote a book about some stories of her family/ancestors? Yes she did and she did share with us a good part of it. She did a great job putting together so many stories, info and details in such a delightful way.

For those of you who couldn't make it last Thursday night, here are some of her tips to start and do Family History.
(I wish I had my camera that night, but I forgot it in my.. other purse. So you'll just have to be ok with some images I found around).

-Make your own Family Health Chart 

it just looks like a normal family tree chart only you add a list of health information. With different colors you can sign the health history of each individual. Also you can add body feacers, medical problems, and anything else you can think of.
Doing this you'll see different patterns health related. Not only it is interesting, but mostly it can be of great help as information for us, our kids and generation to come.
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-Fun and good Personal Bulletin Board

you don't need to take lots of time trying to make a perfect collection of family memories. A simple way to make history is just by punching that special movie ticket, that beautiful birthday card, that picture of my dream home and those family pictures on a bulletin board.
I personally love this kind of approach. The best part is that it is simple. Out on a wall where it can be of inspiration reminding us everyday of beautiful memories. 
{picts. left by Country Living, right by Design Sponge  via Iffer's little nest}

- Index Card Memory Puzzle

before sitting down and write your own book of family stories, this is the process you need to do.
Make the best out of your memories by taking some time getting back to those stories, details that your memory has hidden somewhere in the secluded parts of your brain. Hey, we all have those!

Index cards are so useful this way. Wright in the middle of a card a key word  of your choice. Something that reminds you of your childhood, or particular moment back in the days (it can be written smaller then what shows in the pict.).
Then fill up the paper writing all around that word, with memories, details and things that your mind will remember about those times, related to that key word.
This can be done in a long period of time. Heidi says it could be that you take a year filling up cards before being able to sit down and actually write your stories.
Simple and useful way to remember details you haven't thought about in a while. Like smells, colors, shapes, etc. The more you can remember the more rich your stories will be, and ooh you'll be surprised of the things you will then start to remember.
All I have to say is that .. I'm on it!
{pict. by eHow }

-Your Family Stories Book/Compilation

and now we come to the greatest goal. A book or compilation of your stories. Add pictures, and other material you have to make it as more rich as possible. And a book doesn't mean fancy paper and cover, but the contest is what really matters. Get together all your index cards and well, start writing :)
{pict. by Asamy Murakami via }

GREAT THANKS to Heidi for her time and for sharing with us so much. Especially her amazing stories we loved to listen. She has been of great inspiration and I personally enjoyed it so much.
I really hope we can do another evening together. What do you guys think? Don't forget your index cards!

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