Saturday, June 27, 2009

Humanitarian Aid Charity

After sewing over 1000 pillowcases and countless quilts our
Humanitarian Aide account is empty.

We would like to ask your support in providing
the means to help us continue our good works.

In July we will be having another all day Humanitarian Aide activity.
We will begin to sew the pillowcases that Children's Hospital
has asked us to provide:

250-300 Christmas pillowcases
200 Halloween pillowcases       

Deseret Industries asks us to provide 5 quilts for Christmas.

We hope to continue our support of the homeless teenage mothers living in
shelters. We would like to send more quilts to he Hopi and Cherokee Reservations.
We would like to send quilts to the church Humanitarian Aide Center.

You can help us!
$2.00 will provide a pillowcase
$10.00-$20.00 will provide a quilt

Donation can be given to 
Gloria Hawley, Cathie Price, Kathy Lee or Jane McVay
put your donation in a tithing envelope and give it to a member of the Bishopric.
Mark your donation Ward Humanitarian Aide Fund.

We truly appreciate your support!

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